lovely lazy laser cut…

Ever since Louis Vuitton launched his spring 2012 collection (see below) I have been obsessed with anything and everything laser cut. From clothing (especially clothing!) to interiors, to shower curtains, to little cut out cards, there is nothing that won’t work in this beautiful style! And so I decided to make a little lazy laser cut print of my own (see right at the bottom), which one day I would actually like to laser cut, but for now printing it onto my gorgeous linen cotton fabric will have to do : ) And its available in 3 soft ice-creamy colours in cushion covers, napkins and tea towels at my etsy store and others.

The real thing…

This is a pic I have had in my inspiration folder forever…isn’t this the most gorgeous shower curtain ever?

And finally…my lovely Lazy Laser Cut in cream, pink and green…

Handmade by me.

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