too long to wait….

Waiting for anything at christmas time takes forever!! I have been waiting for 2 new fabrics to arrive for almost 2 months now! I was hoping to whip them up quickly into cushions and napkins and show off my fabulous sewing skills (not), however the impatient side of me doesn’t want to wait to share my new designs, and what with the party season here I fear it might take me till the new year before I get to showcase my handiwork. I have also just been given my first commission to make in time for christmas so everything else will have to wait! I am super excited about this, but will have to wait till the lucky recipient has them in her hands before I can show you what I have done.

Fabric 1: Origami Birdstooth

A new and exciting take on the houndstooth pattern (one of my absolute favourites). This fabric will be made into cushions and sold at my etsy shop. I am hoping to experiment with various colour combinations on this so look out for something that will look fabulous on that couch of yours.

Fabric 2: Merry Christmas Birds

Well I had to do something for christmas!!! I am hoping to make this design I found into napkins for christmas day : ) And well its too cute not to use again so I’m going to make it into christmas cards too.

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