Barking Mad

My sister and her now husband are absolutely OBSESSED with their 3 dogs!! 2 daschunds and a mixture, Petal, Ollie and Heidi. I had wanted to design them (my sister and her lovely husband, not the dogs : )) some “doggy” fabric and make them some cushions for a while now, and so when my sister and her boyfriend decided to get married I knew I just had to turn my ideas into wedding presents!

First I designed a repeat pattern for the fabric and had it printed…
And then I learnt to sew!

I wanted to make the cushions the most important part. I was even going to make a daschund shaped cushion, however it turned out that that was a little ambitious with my sewing skills (or lack of). I had ordered so much fabric so I decided to make them some napkins as well, and with the last few scraps, some doggy bandanas.

And then I wrapped and packaged them all together.

Here are a few pics….
handmade by me.

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